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Planning is essential in a bathroom remodel project. Find out how to make the best plan for your project with Bathroom Remodel Knoxville.

Essential Parts of Bathroom Remodel


Remodeling your bathroom adds value to your home, boosts its function, and update its appearance. It improves your bathroom to function better and serve your family for years to come. Start your bathroom remodeling with planning.

In every remodeling project, planning is the most crucial part. A thorough plan will lead you to a successful bathroom remodeling project. It is essential to start your planning with a checklist in your mind.


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If you not unsure what else you need during your bathroom remodeling project, it would be best to consult with Bathroom Remodel Knoxville. We have been in business for years and have helped many homeowners achieve their ideal bathroom remodel. Our experts can give you more advice on how to improve your bathroom’s aesthetic and function.

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Bathroom Remodel Knoxville made a guide to help you plan your bathroom remodel project.



01. Contemplate the Flooring

Installing the right flooring is one of the essential aspects of any bathroom remodeling in Knoxville. You have plenty of choices for excellent flooring for the bathroom that can boost your bathroom’s aesthetic. You may choose marble or granite flooring, or if you would like your bathroom to be personalized, you can go to customized flooring.

The right bathroom flooring depends mostly on your needs and budget as each flooring type has different characteristics and gives various benefits. Bathroom Remodeler in Knoxville can guide you in choosing the best bathroom flooring for your home.

02. Changes in the Shower

The shower is an essential part of your bathroom. Therefore, it should be given attention during a remodel, particularly if you are planning a larger project.

Consider expanding the shower and installing a clear glass enclose in the bathroom to add luxury and easy long-term maintenance. Also, consider which tiled walls will give the best contrast to your bathroom flooring. Adding a mosaic-like pattern or splash of color will add more life to your bathroom.

03. Pick New Fixtures

One of the excellent ways to create a more personalized bathroom is by installing new fixtures. If you have a particular concept in mind, you can go wild with the choices and materials. Think about creating an attractive arrangement on things, such as rails, hanger, and decorative elements. Your walls and floor materials can help you determine what fixtures are perfect for your design.

Aside from improving your bathroom’s aesthetic, choosing the right fixture will also enhance your bathroom’s function. Therefore, do not consider the aesthetic alone but also the function of your bathroom. Keep in mind not to compromise one or the other as both is important for bathroom remodeling in Knoxville.

04. Concentrate on the Bathtub

If you have a bathtub, you can upgrade its size and add some additional features, like jets. Do not only consider updating your bathroom’s appearance in remodeling your bathroom, but also consider improving your comfort and convenience, and the bathtub is the perfect place for such upgrades.

05. Install the Right Vanity

During your bathroom remodeling project, ponder what you want your bathroom to be like and how you will make your vanity the center of your bathroom’s atmosphere. Keep in mind that bathroom vanities look best when they blend well with the rest of your bathroom in style, size, and color.

Ensure that your design and layout will provide convenience and comfort. A successful bathroom remodel will depend on your design and layout.

Pay attention to every detail, as everything from the cabinets to the framing around the window can affect how you present your bathroom.